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Shark Mania Game

It’s a shark-chomping race with no time to waste! In Shark Mania, your pirate ship has run aground on treacherous Shark Island and your gold booty is overboard. You’ve got to get yourself to the island safely while collecting as many gold coins as you can along the way. But don’t get caught by that shark nipping at your heels or you'll be out of the game! The winner is the pirate who has collected the most gold coins AND makes it all the way to the safety of the island without getting chomped by the hungry shark. Bring home the frantic fun of Shark Mania, today!


  • It’s a shark-chomping race with no time to waste! Reach the safety of the island at the end of the track before the shark knocks you off!
  • All Shark Mania pirates obey Pirate Code: passing the die, moving quickly, and not peeking at the number on the underside of the coins picked up!
  • Make it to the island safely with the most gold, and you'll win Shark Mania! If no pirates make it safely to the Island, the Shark wins!
  • Nomination: Toy of the Year - Game of the Year (2014), Parents' Choice Fun Stuff Award (2014)
  • Shark Mania is for 2-4 players ages 6+.


  • 4 Pirate Movers
  • 16 Coins
  • 1 Die
  • 1 Palm Tree
  • 1 shark fin
  • 23 assembly pieces for 3ft gameplay unit.

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