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Tech Deck

Tech Deck Board Shop – Zero 4-pk

Build the perfect skate set up with the Tech Deck Boardshop! Each pack includes multiple board shapes and different trucks and wheel setups to customize 4 complete boards to your personal style. Each of the 4 board shapes represents a different style of riding, whether it is street, park, cruising or longboarding. Choose between foam grip, sandpaper grip or the new Trick Tape grip for bigger Ollies and Grinds. Use the included mini sticker to make each board truly your own. The Boardshop lets you create your dream fingerboard! Hit up the Boardshop and get the real deal from Tech Deck Collect the deck!


  • Multiple Ways to Customize Your Skateboards
  • New Board & Truck Shapes
  • Multiple New Grip Tape Options
  • Learn New Tricks & Tips from
  • Made for kids ages 6+


  • 4 Complete Boards, 4 Styles of Grip Tape. 1 Tool, Mini Stickers

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